Mechanical Seal,also called mechanical face seal, is the axis of rotation with the dynamic Seal.
Mechanical face seal has reliable performance, small amount of leakage and long service life, low power consumption, without frequent maintenance, and can be adapted to the production process automation and high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, vacuum, high speed and all kinds of strong corrosive medium, containing solid particles medium for harsh industrial and mining containment requirements.
Mechanical face seal - Non-Metallic Ring Corrosion.
First, the oxidation of graphite ring in mechanical face seal. In oxidizing medium, face in dry friction or cooling, it can produce a temperature of 350 ℃ ~ 40℃, make graphite ring react with oxygen and produce CO, gas, and can make the end face rough and even rupture. Non-metallic ring in the chemical medium and under the action of stress will burst.
Second, graphite ring corrosion in mechanical face seal. Graphite ring that without impregnated with resin permeability , its corrosion for three reasons: Firstly, when the face is overheating, the temperature greater than 180 ℃, impregnated resin to fold from graphite ring, which leads to ring wear resistance decreased; Secondly, improper choice impregnation of resin, chemical changes in the media, also decrease abrasion resistance; Thirdly, resin impregnation of depth, after grinding to dipping layer, wear resistance decreased. So it is very necessary to choose the impregnating resin corrosion resistant, adopt high pressure impregnation, and increase the immersion depth for building seal cooling system of mechanical face seal.

Third, ptfe (F4) corrosion of seal ring in mechanical face seal. F4 packing such as glass fiber, graphite powder, metal powder to improve its temperature resistance, wear resistance. F4 packing ring corrosion mainly refers to the selective corrosion, dissolution, or metamorphic damage of the packing. For example, in hydrofluoric acid, the glass fiber molecular hot corrosion, so packing of mechanical face seal should depend on the specific situation.