Use file or millstone to clean shaft seal installation plane, with a spirit level check flatness, pay special attention to turbine spindle plane with shaft seal connection. If necessary to contact with the shaft seal of unevenness and lesions in the plane of the main shaft installed in stone processing again.  
Check and record the thickness of the shaft seal and marking in the thickest place. Stagger apex of shaft and thickest place when installing sealing ring, with proper way of cleaning or compressed air after cleaning and drying
shaft sealand spindle mounting surface, with M12 x 30 cylinder head screw sealing slip ring on the spindle. Check the sealing slip ring on the surface of the joint clearance allows a maximum of 0.03 mm. If the local clearance between 0.03-0.2 mm, depending on the final fixed clearance using glue filling shaft seal. If the clearance is greater than 0.2 mm, it should be reprocessed shaft seal.
With a spirit level check the flatness of the sealing, and if necessary, grinding plane of the seal ring.
Check the shaft seal face runout value of the sealing ring when turning the engine. If larger than 0.04mm, remove the shaft seal. Grinding stone grind sealing ring and macro shaft interface.
With fine wool to remove macro shaft flange and the dust on the shaft seal, shaft contact surface, the slip ring contact surface must be thoroughly cleaned up, remove oil and grease.  

Use sealing ring glue on the surface of the interrupted sealant, install two disc of shaft seal in place, manual preloaded bolt with medium strength, beyond the plane of the glue must be scraped off.

Check the sealing face runout value of the slip ring again. If this value meet the requirements of installation, one by one preload bolt, using seal lock screw. Note when loosen screw one by one,  the prior screw should be in a state of preloaded.